Something I had to do for T-Mitch

I had to return some equipment and supplies today on behalf of T-Mitch. En route I remembered all of the times he’d share his day-to-days with me and with Das. He’d get so animated sometimes if it was a great day … and pretty low on other days when things didn’t go the way he had imagined.

I didn’t think I’d be so emotional just getting to the destination – realizing this was one of the places he went to on a daily basis made me bawl my eyes out. At the same time, it was also comforting. Torey did whatever he could to make our lives better, focusing to the most minute detail of existence. He was brilliant!

At this moment … I can hear him telling me: “F*** this s*** … let’s do a shot!!”

I will appease. Cheers, b*****s!!! 🙂

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