Three Weeks Ago as of Today …

… and it’s not getting any easier.

I had a dream that I was in the audience of a theater hall and Torey was in a play based on today’s political environment. He was in his zone – right where he always wanted to be: an actor. He even made eye contact with me from the stage and all I could do was smile from ear to ear. He had a blue button-down shirt on with a white collar (obviously playing his character because he wouldn’t have chosen that shirt for himself!).

Yes, he was a thespian at heart and he was going to resume his acting journey in the coming year. T-Mitch had asked me to manage his auditions, which I was eagerly looking forward to.

He began several ideas of content he wanted to produce and act in. He even dabbled in starting a stand-up comedy sketch, which he was eager to share with everyone. 2020 was going to be about his light shining even brighter. `

Torey starred as the bad guy named Ezekiel Guzman (Ezzie) in an independent film in Houston back in the day (1998?)… here are some pics:

Torey as Ezzie1

Torey as Ezzie2

Miss you, T-Mitch … love you – always and forever, Babe.

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