F*** the Title of “Being the Hardest Day Ever” From My Last Post….

… Today marked the 4 week point. I have been an emotional wreck all f***ing day and I have been supported by my work team and many others – thank you to all of you – SERIOUSLY!

Das and I checked the mail together again – this is part of your new norm. Torey used to do this. We got the hospital bill. Even more saddened that the hospital he was taken to is out of the network so we’re stuck with something we weren’t anticipating.

This bill on top of the emotions has been exhausting. Neither one of us have had an appetite. However, tonight we went to the store and got some grub … Das made dinner (it was frozen food, but I don’t care – it was worth sharing a meal at home with him).

Torey’s uncle, Dave, spoke some wise words during a text message …. and he’s right. I have to focus on what Torey would want me to do to be happy. He’d want me to do the best to take care of Das. And … he’s right. I need to move forward, but it’s been so f***ing hard. SO many waves of emotions! It’s NOT FAIR! GONE TOO SOON is always on my mind… T-Mitch had SO MANY AMBITIONS!

Trump got IMPEACHED!!! <– Torey is wow’d! & thank you, Gib!


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