Early This Morning

I didn’t sleep much last night – I felt restless and there were a few things that were on my mind. Das was having some allergy issues around 4 am so I went to check on him – he was still sleeping like a baby. (I still find it so sweet to watch him sleep – sorry, Das, I’m not trying to be creepy!)

I had a dream Das and I were at my Mom’s favorite place away from her home: Costco. We were with my parents and brother strolling down the aisles for nothin’ in particular. We split up, Das and I went to look at something and as the both of us entered an aisle, we heard Torey call our names from behind us. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! The three of us hugged, cried, and held on to each other… I got to kiss him again and this time we didn’t care about PDA! All three of us were beyond ecstatic!

He told us he couldn’t stay long and just wanted to see us. Torey’s dreads were back and he was wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans: T-Mitch casual. He was all smiles… then the dream got a little weird. Torey said that in order to see us he had to ask a “host” to help him show himself to us.

Das and I were in disbelief when he transformed into a gorgeous middle eastern woman! He quickly showed himself again and asked us not to freak out. I suggested for him to see if my parents could see him so we found them and the three of us approached my parents and brother.

They were pretty confused and perplexed to see this woman – a stranger – smiling at them from ear to ear. My Mom looked at me and asked who she was.

Das grinned and told his Grandmother to take a closer look – and then there T-Mitch was again with his roaring laugh and arms stretched out for hugs. More tears, more laughter and more smiles.


Eventually he had to walk away … I saw the lady who helped him and gave her a hug and thanked her for allowing us to have this moment. She was genuinely happy to have helped and we parted our ways.

I woke up really thinking about this dream – it set me in a better place in some ways. It also made me laugh because how fitting for Torey to pick a gorgeous, exotic woman to help him – this is SO HIM! We used to always talk about what it would be like if we could switch bodies and experience things as a woman and me as a man… I’m sure this isn’t uncommon and if it is, then you’re boring! LOL!

Classic T-Mitch … he helped me so much last night. Thank you, Babe … I love you.

Dream 12.21

This was the length of his dreads.


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