This birthday though …

My first birthday with T-Mitch was my 19th birthday. Yes, he was my own secret that only a few knew about because I knew my family wouldn’t understand. (they didn’t at the time – sorry not sorry to mention this).

We had a great day together… I had to go to a family friend’s party in the evening to celebrate their own daughter’s birthday – Shruthi is her name. She is my Birthday Twin. She’s much younger than me, but we share birthdays and that’s all that matters.

Many things were said that night because that was the day my parents found out about Torey. So many ill notions were thrown out to me. They meant it at the time. It was absurd in my mind.

Now I feel like they fell in love with him like I did. It may have taken Das’ birth to get there, but they did. I’m thankful for this. Some have mentioned feeling guilty for whatever reason when communicating how they felt about him:

If you feel any kind of guilt right now … then it’s honestly too late. That is all. Channel that sh** t to something more constructive. That. Is. All.

Today … was absolutely so HARD. Every birthday I’ve been with him (23 years) he’d whisper his birthday greeting to me before getting out of bed, gift me with a thoughtful card and continue with celebrations throughout the day. We weren’t materialistic so gifts didn’t matter to us and that was one of the beauties of it.

Das gifted me with the best way ever… so thankful for him!

I reconnected with JVM who will be sharing Torey’s film with me soon. SO F*****G thankful for this SH**!!!!

I adore my fam and Gib.

And to go back to my Birthday Twin:



This ties it up for me. I don’t care about meeting T-Mitch at the time I did because it was meant to be. I don’t care whose feathers I ruffled. I don’t CARE. I DON’T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO regrets. I am lucky enough to say I met my soul mate. I am lucky enough to say I was T-Mitch’s love. I am f*****g blessed. I am.

That is all.

And to Dave and fam in San Antonio – thank you for our escape during the Holidays! We truly appreciate it!!!






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