I Ran Into This Today …

Some of you may be surprised by this but most probably not: Torey loved pop / alternative / rock music as much as he loved his hip-hop tunes. We were on our way back from celebrating Das’ birthday on 1.11.15 and Vance Joy’s Riptide was on the radio. The dude had fallen in love with this track way before this … and there were moments were he would literally get choked up and say how much he felt the song because it reminded him of how he felt about me.

I remember being truly floored by this and looked forward to see him enjoy this song. He’d get into his groove and sing his heart out – it was so special! I had Snapchat going (thankful for this corny mess!) – in the first link you can see him wiping away a tear in the ever most casual way – kinda pretending that didn’t happen! LOL! Entirely too sweet!

T-Mitch – Riptide #1

In the second link I kept filming him and was able to capture the smile and chuckle he had for me. My heart will never stop melting!

T-Mitch – Riptide #2

Here’s the whole song in case you’ve been living under a rock:

This was all after celebrating Das’ 11th birthday – we had treated him to breakfast at the Old Pancake House in Addison:

#11 Turned 11!


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