Restoration of Sight

I received a letter from UT Southwestern Medical Center last week. They expressed their condolences and then thanked Torey for donating his tissue. Even in death he has been able to help around 50 people…

The letter informed me that two ladies in their early 70s received restoration of sight because of Torey’s generosity! Can you imagine how overjoyed they are right now? Can you see the smile on Torey’s face!? I can … I know he’s proud of this. I know he’s content knowing he helped people in more ways beyond death than he could have imagined. What a selfless act … makes me thankful that I had decided to be a donor a long time ago, too.

It’s hard not to let the sadness overrule the day, but I’m making sure it doesn’t dictate our day to day. Das has been doing well given the circumstances. It’s not easy at all … I find myself looking for any kind of distraction. Thankfully a certain someone put me on ‘Shameless‘ and I’ve been watching it on Netflix ever since the holidays. The Gallaghers are a trip!

I see him in my dreams often … the dream I had more recently was on Das’ birthday night. Torey walked in during the early part of an evening as he usually would – laptop bag on his shoulder, carrying paperwork in his hands along with food for dinner. He walked in with Green Sox gear on (as pictured below) with his black sweat pants. He was showing off his mischievous grin I loved so much!

I stood up from sitting on the couch as Das walked into the living room … the both of us were looking at him in disbelief.

Das: “Dad, is this really you? Are you really here?”
Me: “Torey, where the hell have you been!? You’re not leaving again are you?”

Torey looked at both of us and with a twinkle in his eye he responded, “From the other side!”

I was crying and smiling at the same time… We kissed.


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