Do’s and Don’t’s ?

Honestly … there’s so much on my mind and I’m not sure how to address things, so excuse my ramble. Hopefully it makes sense, but if it doesn’t then you know I’m not hard to find to converse.

I don’t like being checked on every day by the same people – I understand you have nothing but love and concern, but seriously… stop. I get it, but it’s not necessary. It almost makes me feel like you think I’m incapable of taking care of myself and Das. We’re doing the best we can and we’re making it work. So please stop your text messages and phone calls. Let’s go back to how things were before all of this when it comes to communicating.

Re-connecting with people who have been out of touch has been an eye-opener in a good way. People change, but it’s amazing to see how many still love and appreciate what T-Mitch brought to their lives. I had a moment this week that blew my mind thanks to Zarah and I’ll never forget it… and I want to pay it forward like Ellen preaches on a day to day. I’ll get my moment.

Don’t call/contact me if you don’t expect to hear from me. It’s a waste of time.

Das is okay … but he’s also learning a lot from the silence spoken from many of you. If you want to stay relevant in his life, then you shouldn’t have to be told to do it. Now is the time (if you care, that is).

Again, I don’t like the constant texts or calls. Neither does Das.

Aaaaaand … here you go:

















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