T-Mitch Withdrawal

This has been an awful week – I mean, yeah – an emotional roller coaster is a day-to-day, but man! I’m in withdrawal mode in more ways than just one. It’s been insane.

I hear him talking to me in my mind… this is probably the only thing keeping me somewhat sane. Of course I have dear fam and friends to rely on and am thankful for them.

I’m not going to go down the path of listing everything because that’s just for me, but just know that this type of grief is probably the worst thing that’s ever happened to me (and Das). Sure … I have lost plenty of loved ones. It never seems fair and it never is. This time though … there’s a physical and a deep mental aspect that one can’t fathom unless you experience it yourself.

Torey was and will always be my soul mate. The only one who ever knew me to my core. No one else has any idea – no one. No, really – NO ONE.

I know this has been hard on a lot of folks – family and friends alike. His energy can never be overlooked, no matter how you knew him. A true individual with so many hopes and dreams.

Das is keeping a brave face and speaking to his counselors on a regular basis – and I’m on top of this. I don’t force him into any conversations but I try to express myself as best as I can. He’s simply amazing and he wouldn’t be if he didn’t have Torey as his father. I believe this more than anything.

I’ve been jammin’ to all of T-Mitch’s favorite albums and the most recent was Biggie’s Life After Death. MAN! When T-Mitch had his 300ZX back in the late 90s – that was the shit!!! LOL! It’s amazing how music can take you back in time and re-live so many moments. On that note here are a few tracks he loved so much!

He loved this one because of how Biggie painted what was damn near a screen play:

And here he is after getting his Z a new paint job thanks to Zaso!


I feel your smile, my Love. I do. I love you …


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