T-Mitch, My Forever Valentine – 2020

So … when Torey and I first got together I couldn’t spend our first Valentine’s Day with him – at least not the whole day. He was pretty upset about it. I had my reasons but they weren’t because of him – family related.

This reminds me of so many moments between us … the decision for me to leave home and embark on a journey with T-Mitch. I don’t regret it. I knew we were taboo from the start, but I honestly didn’t care – he didn’t either.

I’ve already been pretty weepy since last night. I went to Kroger for a few groceries and decided to hit the floral department up for a single rose. The florist said they were out of single roses and suggested buying a bouquet.

My intention was to lay a flower on the site … the site where he took his last breath. I explained this to her… her name is Julie. I could tell she was moved and decided to help me out.

She went to the cooler room and brought out a long, slim container and I watched her trim three roses (I had asked for three) – placed them in the container with baby’s breath and one of those accent leaf things and tied the container up. She handed the container to me.

I was already tearing up… I said, “I don’t see a price sticker on this.”

“There isn’t one,” Julie said. “I want you to have this… it breaks my heart to know what you’re going through. I almost lost my husband in December and we have four kids. It’s a miracle he’s alive and I can’t imagine what you’re going through.”

I let my tears fall and asked her for a hug. She was more than willing to comply and as I held her I thanked her.

I cried all the way home and then more. This morning the sun is shining and the roses smell amazing …

T-Mitch, Forever Valentine 1

Today won’t be a great one … but I’m on a mission to make the most of it. I have love and support even from strangers. I’ll take it.

Happy Valentine’s Day, T-Mitch.

Another throwback to our yester-years’ play list:

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