The phone number had to be put to rest today … it was one of his last extensions in the communication age… so many people he connected with.

I just remember getting to know him over the phone when we first met. So many calling cards I purchased … LOL! He was going to Morehouse in Atlanta at the time. A six-month-get-to-know-each-other. Fact, baby.

His own experience there alone at Morehouse is a whole different chapter. It’s a pretty good one, too – gonna have to get this out soon!

We literally fell in love over the phone. Like – LITERALLY. I just knew he was the one … he GOT me. He got every part of me.

When we finally got to a point where we could connect in the same space he’d play this for me:

Yup … the uni-brow, Al B Sure! I loved it … later in our years together we’d debate on who had the better cover song:

Of course, L-Boogy won that won! But that’s always up for debate.

Yes, I shed tears in decommissioning his phone number tonight. Here’s the recording:

T-Mitch Voicemail Recording

Guess what? It’s raining … again.

So thankful for my time with him. So thankful for his influence on Das and SO MANY OTHERS! SO THANKFUL FOR T-Mitch!

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