He Was Worth Every Single Moment

I’ve been walking down memory lane a lot lately, remembering different phases of our journey together. I’d like to think Torey can hear my thoughts. Reconnecting with friends from the past has brought more memories to the forefront. We had some really good times together and I enjoyed growing into adulthood with him.

It was always hard for me to imagine life without him before the tragic event. Those thoughts would run through my head whenever we had a bad fight. Our fights were pretty intense and there were times I thought we would split for sure. He was so passionate and intense – and I’m the same way! Arguing with him was like having a debate with an attorney. Absolutely nuts, but I hate to admit it … he was usually right!

We would even talk about the possibility of ever breaking up one day. We wouldn’t have stopped loving one another and we told each other that. He would joke about what he’d do or say to my next boyfriend.

“I’m not gonna like him and I know I’ll f*** him up for even looking at you…”
“Torey, that’s not fair because I know your ass is gonna have a fine b****, too, and you wouldn’t want me to mess with her.”
“I don’t care… just don’t bring a dumb ass around my son!”
“Duly noted, T-Mitch, duly noted…”

We used to give each other restrictions on the type of person we couldn’t date … pretty funny conversations! He’d frown if I suggested a certain type of guy I’d like and laugh his ass off when I’d tell him he wasn’t allowed to ever date another Indian chick.

I miss him …

I’d rather be apart and for him to still be here. I’d rather be jealous of his new girl and for him to still be here. I’d rather argue over who shouldn’t be brought around Das and for him to still be here. I’d rather watch him have a good time from afar and for him to still be here.

He was worth every single moment.

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