Shooooooower Shotttt!!!!!!

This is something Torey and I didn’t share with most of you. Das knows about it because well – he’s our son and knows what happens at home.

Every evening once we were in the process of getting cleaned up before going to bed, of course, we’d shower. Any time one of us stepped into the shower the other would pour shots for the two of us.

Yes, the famous T-Mitch margarita shots.

Torey used to love the way I’d “introduce” the shot each night. He’d emulate it when it was his turn. You’ll have to ask me in person if you want to know what I mean…

Kinda wish I had recorded those moments, but I don’t think I would have posted it here anyway!

I miss these type of moments so fucking much… just to feel his love again, his touch, his warmth, his breath, his being – HIS EXISTENCE is sooooo missed.

Das and I went and laid flowers down for him again today by a light pole. We laid these down today for him (the store had some shitty bunches so we took what we could make the most of!).

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