Earth Day 2020

For the past 13 to 14 years Earth Day was always one of Torey’s busiest days. Sometimes Das and I would hardly see him until he came home after attending events / conventions, networking and trying to do better. He would not have liked being quarantined this year – especially on such a monumental one: the 50th celebration.

I didn’t have the heart to do what I normally do every year for him – and that was to post on his behalf on The Green Dream Company’s social media pages. I did however, retweet / re-post for the company I work for, Content Pilot.

He would have been proud of that – probably would have reached out to a few of my colleagues to say thank you and would have offered to help in any green initiative moving forward.

I hope things get better for our kind on this planet – we all have to do our part. People like Torey had a true sense of purpose… more than others. I’m not him, but I will certainly try to do what I can like he’d want me to.

Please do the same. The Green Dream Company is no more, but that doesn’t mean the dream isn’t.

Happy Earth Day …

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