May 3rd – a National One

So apparently May 3rd is National Widows/Widowers Day in this country – June 23rd marks International Widows Day. I had no idea these were even a thing!

I’m not sure how I feel about these days – I understand the need to recognize people in this category. I truly do. But … do they have days designated specifically for people who lost parents? People who suffered the loss of a son or daughter? Best friends? Uncles/Aunts/Cousins?

I Googled some of this … and the answers are out there. Mostly, yes – there are days recognized to remember specific people, but it’s not all the same. Loss of a parent days are recognized on Mothers/Fathers Day. The loss of a child is more focused on miscarriages. Much like Mothers/Fathers Day the following have the same types of recognition:

Best Friends
Uncles and Aunts

(Yeah, I’m sure I’m missing more categories – maybe later!).

I never really knew any of this and I don’t plan on keeping reminders on my calendar – just FYI. Thanks to the internet I’ve joined some online grief groups that focus on being widows and this is how I came across the significance of May 3rd.

Feelings? Well – annoyed at first because I mean … who the hell comes up with this shit!? Angry later. Why? Because I was annoyed! Also, because I felt like it was insensitive. BUT – after reading the descriptions of the reasons behind these days … well I guess I’m indifferent now.

Like I said …. no, I am not about to mark my calendar for any of these days. Like a friend said: people’s birthdays/anniversaries are good enough reminders already.

Just wondering though … am I supposed to carry the torch of “a proud widow?” like parents carry the “proud parent” torch?

This concept seems odd… just sayin’.

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