T-Mitch Dreamin’

Yes, I still see T-Mitch in my dreams and that’s where he’s the most alive for me. I just haven’t been sharing every single one here on this platform. I had a really good one last night and I’m positive it was inspired by Das’ performance on the field yesterday.

I don’t get to go to every one of Das’ summer ball games due to work. T-Mitch would have if he could – he hated missing his games and the feeling is mutual. With that said I’m thankful to go when I can and Das is an amazing son for understanding this.

We poured our hearts out to each other before going to bed last night, shedding tears. Das understands how tough the rest of his baseball years are going to be and how there will be times he will have to travel without me. All I can say is that this dream I’m about to share with you … well I’m taking this as a sign from T-Mitch to both Das and I.

Torey and I dropped Das off an hour early as usual at the ball field – and it looked like we were in Malibu. The both of us went for a drink and shared a few laughs. He was wearing his Green Sox gear, hat turned backwards, long green socks with his green New Balance sneakers … and of course his black sunglasses.

He was truly happy – so was I. We left the bar and headed back to the ballpark. This park was incredibly beautiful! The field rested on a cliff and if you hit a home run the ball would go straight into the Pacific Ocean. No palm trees or anything from that viewpoint beyond the field – just the ocean. It was a lot like Pepperdine University’s field, but even more impressive. The seating area was elevated, and it was natural terrain. Imagine sitting behind home plate with the ability to bring your own chairs and still feel like you’re enjoying mother nature. No concrete.

I set our chairs up and looked behind me and there was Torey, smiling at me. I asked him if he saw Das’ hits from yesterday’s games and he replied, “I haven’t missed any of his games! My boy is BALLIN’!!” His roaring laughter was so infectious that it made other people at the park laugh, too. I was so happy to hear him say this and to see him so happy and proud of our son!

I was upset that I woke up before being able to see Das on the field, but it was super sweet and heartwarming. There’s a sense of comfort from this dream, a feeling I haven’t felt in forever. Our love for each other will never go away. Our love for Das will always be here, too.

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