NFL 2020: Season Opening

So the NFL season has started … a moment in time Torey ALWAYS looked forward to: his predictions, shoulda’s, should-nots (mainly for the Dallas Cowboys, of course!) and SO MUCH MORE!

I know he woulda loved watched the season opener with the Chiefs vs. Texans. Although our son, Das, was born in Houston – he woulda rooted for the Chiefs because of Mahomes (much respect!). Torey watching TOM BRADY LOSE!!!!??? PRICELESS!! Sorry, but NOT sorry!

Yes, the Dallas Cowboys are a disappointment and he woulda had PLENTY to share. Das and I watched the first Cowboys game together this season. No, it wasn’t epic on the team record sense, but it was on other fronts. New traditions. Thankful for so much. Still missing T-Mitch, yo!

Here are some quotes from Torey’s social media from years ago:

Torey Mitchell updated his status:

The play calling down the stretch was horrendous, and Red J’s team is still not clutch! Today’s choke list includes: #TonyRomo #TravisFrederick #MorrisClaiborne #DezBryant #LanceDunbar #Billcallahan Come on you guys!!!!!!!
Sep 15, 2013

Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes!!!! #itstoosloppyredj
Sep 15, 2013

Bill Callahan will you please just throw Dez the damn ball!!!!!!!!!!!!! #whatthehell
Sep 15, 2013

That’s just a tid-bit … there’s SO much more and I’ll share when I can.

As for Das – he’s coming along like I am … we have our challenges, but we’re trying to make the most of life. Baseball is and always will be his/our love.

For me, I have figured out a way to earn some extra income on top of my full time job. I need the income to help make up for Torey’s. Many thanks to a special friend for the referral!

Das and I are: “okay…”

This was taken at J. Roby’s wedding a few years back.

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