“Keep yo’ hands outta my pockets, woman!”

One of the things I miss any time I do laundry is reminding Torey to empty his pockets out before putting his pants/shorts/jeans in the laundry bin. He’d always forget and things like mints, lighters and money would end up in the load if I didn’t check. He’d forget and one time I took it upon myself to remind him, but not hold him to it.

For a good six month period I’d stash away any amount of money or change I’d find in his pockets in an effort to save for a special occasion to surprise him with. He had wanted to celebrate his birthday at the clubby club (if you know us then you know what this means!) and he made it a point to get some cash and we went. Of course, I brought the stash I had been saving up from my laundry findings – I think it was around $70 or $80 bucks!

During our time there I pulled my little wad of money out and he was like, “Wait, you brought cash, too!? You didn’t have to! I took care of that!”

“Torey, hun … this is the money I found in YO’ pockets, dude! I’ve been telling you to empty your pockets before we do laundry and here’s my point, homie! Finders keepers!! And in this case the losers won’t be weeeepers!”

He cracked the f*** up! It was greatness! We had a ton of fun…

He made it a point to empty his pockets after this moment! LOL! “Keep yo’ hands outta my pockets, woman!”


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