The Innkeeper

One of my fondest childhood memories was when I was in 3rd grade/class in India – at Stanley Girls High School. Don’t let the “high school” part of the name of the place throw you off … I can’t really explain so I included a wiki link! My parents had decided to take my brother and I to India to stay there while they worked and my Dad finished med school in the Caribbean. Yes, we were away from my parents for a good three years… a lot of pros and cons, but more pros than cons. I think.

Our school did a nativity play in December and I landed the Inn Keeper role. I remember during rehearsals the teachers/directors were not happy with my performance. Their biggest issue was my accent. I didn’t sound Desi/Indian enough. I was seriously confused and kept telling them I wasn’t speaking a foreign language – we all spoke English and the play was in English! WTH!?

I had the butterflies the night of the play. I got into my costume and kept replaying how the teachers wanted me to speak. In my first thespian moment I decided to take the direction I was given and delivered my lines in the Indian accent. They were so happy and pleased with me! LOL! I couldn’t believe that something that minor made such an impact to their production, but I get it now.

They just wanted me to “blend in” I suppose… or they didn’t want the fact that my “foreign American ass” was going to steal the show from the actual production by being the odd-ball.

I don’t know … I just remember sharing this with T-Mitch and he used to love listening to me tell this story each time. “’Nita, tell me how you said your line.”

Me in the thickest Indian accent: “Sorry, there’s no room in the inn…” with the Indian head nod and all.

That is all.

On another note – apparently the Innkeeper wasn’t mentioned in the Bible. I haven’t fact checked this, yet, but I thought this was the case. Yay or nay??

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