#46’s Inauguration

I don’t even know where to start! I re-wrote the beginning of this post at least six times already… all I can say is, “Good riddance #45!” My goodness – the past four years have been the darkest in so many ways… I kept looking back on 45’s inauguration and how surreal it seemed. It was so difficult to accept!

I remember the night 45 got elected like it was yesterday. Torey and I were in complete shock and we broke out the Tequila and we didn’t stop until well after 10 or 11 pm. I did that drunk-ugly-cry for at least an hour it seemed like. We were pretty hungover the next morning and it was like a new life filter was set before our eyes.

The new reality was stark and Torey worried about our safety – not just as a family, but as a race. He talked about learning how to use guns for protection and getting a license to own a gun. I remember walking into the office and seeing co-workers in the worst of moods – some still shedding tears. It was draining.

Anyway, today felt like a breath of fresh air! I’m incredibly happy for our nation and truly proud of Vice President Kamala Harris! What an amazing achievement and I fully trust both her and Biden to lead us in the right direction. To represent Black people, South Asians (Desi people, stand UP!) and WOMEN as VP – WOW!!!!! What a role model to so many young women of all races and ages. I feel bad for not owning a pair of Chucks otherwise I would have rocked them today with some pearls!

Has a sense of unity been restored? I don’t think so – not fully and I don’t know if we’ll ever get rid of the sense of division in our society. I hope to be proven wrong though! And … there’s that word: hope. I believe in hope and thankful to have it back in my life!

2021 Inauguration Day via Los Angeles Times


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