I just started watching CNN’s Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy and it’s been great! I’m two episodes in. Watching it made me realize how heart broken I was of learning about Anthony Bourdain’s death. Torey was there that morning as we were getting ready for work. I was sitting on our bed and scrolling through my news feed on my phone while he finished getting dressed. Once I saw the headline and clicked on the reliable source I started bawling. He was so concerned and asked what was wrong and I couldn’t even speak. I handed him my phone and tried to get ahold of myself. T-Mitch was in disbelief, too.

The both of us were huge Bourdain fans – we watched almost every episode he was in. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to watch the last season they aired. It was too much … I suppose I should finish the last season for the both of them now.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

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