9 Minutes and 29 Seconds

Today the jury reached its verdict to determine Derek Chauvin’s fate. The man who let his whole body weight land through his knee on George Floyd’s neck – on Floyd’s precious life.

Das didn’t have practice this evening – he had to stay a little past the time of school being out so I needed to pick him up. According to the news the verdict was going to be announced anytime after 3:30 pm CST.

I was on CNN.

3:30 pm hit and I was on alert. Das texted me at 3:41 pm. I had to leave to get him – I left the TV on.

I was on mash mode – yes, I adhered to school zones, but man I was on a mission! I didn’t want to miss it. Lucky for me the go-to station in our truck (105.3 FM) was ready to announce the verdict once they got it while talking about baseball and Texas Rangers.

We we walked in at 4:04 pm and the verdict rolled out at 4:07 pm.

Yes, Das and I got to watch it together. The fact that we experienced it together is truly monumental.

Was I skeptical when I woke up? Yes. Yes, I was! Injustice has happened SO MANY TIMES BEFORE! Why wouldn’t I be skeptical!?

The fact that this happened on 4.20 is also another monumental moment in history for any stoner soul – seriously! You’ll never forget this day no matter how many brain cells you may destroy! haha!

My late godmother passed away on this day 9 years ago.

Torey passed away 17 months ago as of today.

But you know what? Life has to go on. I’m not really ready for the next chapter but I know Torey wants me to be ready. It’s not something I’m prepared for, but I must. I get it. I have to. I have to for my son.

I hope the Floyd family is able to do the same … his brother has already said he’s ready to help people in this world and that’s inspiring. I always imagine what T-Mitch sees and who he meets in his after life and I believe he’s making the right connections to inspire all of us. I truly do. The man was a doer. A doer for good causes.

Let’s help let his light shine and do the same! Shine your own light and DO GOOD!

Our cousin, Ashley @ashley.j.mitchell drew this and I’m incredibly proud to share her creativity with you!! Great work, Ashley!!!
Like I said … he was a DOER!! haha!

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