I woke up in my dream to Torey getting ready in the morning … he looked great! Clean bald head, face freshly shaven, wearing a white T-shirt and some navy blue athletic shorts. He was getting his black suit ready and laying his clothes out on the bed.

“Hey, ‘Nita!”

I smiled from ear to ear and said how nice it was to see him again.

“So, I’ve been thinkin’ – I know you’ve been working from home and I need to get back to work. No more free time for me anymore.”

I nodded my head in agreement and said I’d start getting ready for the day, too.

“Okay, cool – I’ll see you when I’m done.”

I turned to look at him and there he was, in his favorite black suit and rockin’ his dreadlocks. He looked like he did on our wedding day (except no tux). That gorgeous smile and those welcoming, loving almond eyes … my heart melted.

I woke up smiling.

Thank you, T-Mitch!



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