Happy 45th Birthday, T-Mitch!!!

45 years young … and his absence is still so LOUD in our lives and I doubt this will ever change. Das and I miss him SO much!!! I know many of you do, too!

I think he’d be pretty stoked in how we’re kicking off his birthday celebrations this year! Many of you know he’s donated several of his birthdays to a worthy cause – here’s a few I can recall:

I Have a Dream Foundation

Reece for the Win

There are a few more, but no sites to refer them to… my goal is to add to this list!

Of course I was going to use Facebook to start this off, but alas I got hacked (perfect timing, right!?)! Not sure if you can blame the Russians this time because apparently it’s someone in Malaysia, but anything is possible! (Sorry my Russian friends!)

I wanted to have T-shirts made with a cool design of his silhouette to remember him by. A friend I used to work with, Siobhan Davis, helped me bring this silhouette into fruition and it was inspired by an image taken of him at a New Year’s Eve party a few years ago. This party was epic and we were able to share it with my cousins!

I can’t tell you how happy I am with this design (especially with how the original image is so grainy and blurry, but it just captured his essence at the moment!) and as you know – Torey was all about being fresh and loved new approaches to design. I feel in my heart and soul he approves of this image and if you truly knew him, you know I’m speaking the truth!

I have chosen to use Bonfire as an avenue to create T-Shirts and other apparel to showcase this design. They allow proceeds to be donated to a non-profit of my liking and I have chosen T-Mitch’s Sista From Anotha Mista’s organization as the first of many to come. Tran Dang is her name and helping is her game! The organization is The Rhizome Center for Migrants. They are devoted to helping displaced individuals for not only the sake of justice but also for human rights.

I know in my heart this is what he’d want right now. He had plans to go to Mexico to not just hang out with Tran, but to help her, too, in 2020 – that was one of his true intentions. The two of them under the same umbrella were not only intellectually lethal, but ummm… hangover lethal! LOL! It’s truly a blessing to have this bond with Tran (she happens to be Das’ Godmother, too!)!

You ready to celebrate T-Mitch!?? Well here you go, folks (several other products are available, too!). The products are available for the next 20 days to order. Click the image / link below:

Thank you ALL for your love and support!

T-Mitch, you are truly missed. Happy Birthday, my Forever Love. You upheld fatherhood at its highest mark. You’re in our hearts until the end of time, homie…


2 thoughts on “Happy 45th Birthday, T-Mitch!!!

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  1. Anita, I am really happy that you are continuing Torey’s legacy in continuing his charity work. We miss him tremendously but we know he is still here in our hearts. Thank you for your work.


  2. This really touched my heart and Anita you are the best story teller. Please write a book!!! I can’t wait to get my shirt. Happy Birthday T Mich! love Qi Lo Lo 😂😘


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