The Wire | Michael K. Williams | RIP

Torey and I used to have our “own” shows and “us” shows. He had started watching The Wire back in maybe 2008 or 2009 (maybe even earlier, I can’t put my finger on it) – and it was one of those shows where I drifted in and out of (unlike The Sopranos).

I definitely remember the character of Omar played by Michael K. Williams. What an amaaaaaaaaaazing performance! Not to mention our love for the show, Boardwalk Empire! And most recently which Torey would have LOVED, Lovecraft Country. Cherry on top for me was his part in Assassin’s Creed (a guilty pleasure to say the least!).

Yes, I found myself shedding tears for him several times today. I’m not sure what exactly what his demise was, but it was too soon, too sudden – and that pain is just not tolerable.

I just have to share a memory in reference to The Wire:

I remember watching the first few episodes with T-Mitch and understood Omar's character - and then came Stringer Bell played by Idris Elba. Say no more, right?!

One night we were talking about one of the episodes and I referred to Elba's character as "Slider". (Oops).
Torey: "Wait a minute ... his name is 'Stringer'... why you callin' him 'Slider'. Was this a Freudian slip!????"

Me: "Ummmm ... I'm sure he slides in pretty smoothly, yo. Just sayin'!"

It was all laughter and giggles and we shared that joke for years to come! LOL! 
Cast from Boardwalk Empire: Erik LaRay Harvey (L), Jeffrey Wright (C) and Michael K. Williams (R)

Seriously though … another young soul died tooooooo soon. RIP, Michael K. Williams – condolences to your family and friends, you Talented Man.


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