Ballroom Dancing!?

Last night was yet another restless one… plenty of tossing and turning, waking up at least once every other hour… my mind just wouldn’t SHUT UP! I woke up so many times expecting to see a form of Torey – this may sound ridiculous, but it’s a thing. I can just feel him sometimes – call it madness or maybe it’s a true paranormal sense. I don’t really know nor am I here to argue either side of this sentiment.

All I know is when I did fall asleep in the early hours of the morning, I dreamt a funny one. Well, funny to ME anyway! Here it goes:

I was at the old Blue Mesa joint over there by Northpark Mall that got shut down a few years ago. I was upstairs – they had more TVs than I had remembered. Torey and I used to hang out there during our early to mid twenties from time to time. I’m not sure why it popped up in my dream, but it did.

I got a text from him saying he’s on his way to come see me. I was pleasantly surprised and asked how long it would be.

“Babs, I’m kinda on this bus, but I’ll be there soon.”

I showed everyone around me his response and realized in my excitement I didn’t really know any of the people around me! LOL! I didn’t care. I couldn’t wait to see him.

“‘Nita, guess what? Before I get there I want you to know that I’ve been taking ballroom dance lessons!”

“WTF!?” I responded in disbelief. We had talked about doing that together at some point after catching a few episodes of Dancing With the Stars a long ass time ago. (I think when Emmitt Smith was on the show!)

“Color me impressed,” I added, wondering what else he’s been into since he’s been gone.

“Yeah, we’re supposed to be performing on this show that’s about to be televised. Are you near a TV?”

I immediately looked around and that’s when I noticed all of the extra TVs around the restaurant.

“Yes! I’ll be able to see you, Babe!!”

“Good! I’ll see you soon, too!”

REALITY hit in the worst way. My phone went off, waking me up.

Dream incomplete.

Frustration overwhelmed me as I cringed.

And then … a smile appeared on my face: fucking ballroom dancing!?

LMAO! Love it!!!

This song is a classic one. This moment was epic. I should have recorded the whole thing! He asked my Cousins to set up a Henna/Mehndi day for me and they did (Thank you, ‘Dhisha & Snay!)


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