Phone Call With T-Mitch

I’ve been meaning to post this, but haven’t had the chance to sit down and write. For reference, just know that I had a full day of work with my co-workers in a setting where we were all together in one room for a work retreat. After the retreat we had our office Holiday Party and it was a blast! This happened last Friday (12.10.2021).

Here goes my dream:

I was in the conference room and we were discussing thinking about “out of the box” ideas and a said individual (aka *) suggested we call Torey. I was like, “We can do that!?” and was told we could so I took over the phone, dialed his number and he answered!

Torey: “Hello?”

* : “Hi Torey! I’m here with Anita and the rest of our team and we’re discussing on ways to think outside of the box. Do you have any suggestions!?”

Me: WTF!? We actually have TOREY on the phone!? I was incredibly excited/confused/but overwhelmed with JOY!

Torey: “Yeah sure – just think about being different from the industry standards and UP-lifting.”

* : “Thank you, Torey! I think Anita may want to talk to you alone so we’re going to transfer your call to another room so you both can talk.”


I get to the other room, shut the door and:

Me: “Torey, how ARE you!?”

Torey: “I’m good – chillin’

I started to pay attention to the background noises and it sounded like he was in an episode of The Jetsons – like “space noises!”

Me: “Where are you!?”

Torey: “I’m not sure actually – not sure what to call this place, but I’m good! Been chillin'”

Me: “So can I keep calling you here? I love being able to talk to you after so long!”

Torey: “I don’t think that’s a good idea, ‘Nita.”

Me: “Why the fuck not!??”

Torey: “It’s not good for you – I mean I love talking to you, but you gotta let me go. You really need to move on.”

I was truly heart broken, but understood what he was trying to say. And then I woke up in tears.

That is all.


* Co-Worker

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