Merry COVID Holidays!

I hope your Holidays have been better than ours! Das started feeling sick on 12.22.2021 and ran a fever on 12.23 – he got tested for COVID on 12.24 and was confirmed positive on 12.25. Yup, our lovely Christmas gift! Thankfully, his symptoms weren’t too bad – I ended up feeling bad on 12.24 and got tested on 12.26 and the results were negative.

(Many thanks to KW for bringing me the at-home-tests!!)

Das’ symptoms were a headache, body aches, fatigue, fever, congestion and a dry cough. My symptoms were the same, but add a horrible sore throat that made me lose my voice for almost a whole day. Not horrible, but uncomfortable to say the least!

Our plans were to visit family – I had a friend bake a homemade apple pie from scratch along with some banana pudding. This would have been SO well received because she’s AMAZING!! (Trying to encourage her to open her own catering business!) – of course I had a few bottles of Tito’s in tow for the celebrations.

This all will have to wait until next time I suppose. I’m just thankful my symptoms haven’t been as bad as the first time I had it – to tell you the truth this is the first time out of 13 times Das tested positive since quarantine started! I have to wonder if watching the new Spider-Man movie in the theater did us in last weekend.

All I have to say is, mask up and be careful when you hang out! This virus is spreading fast and if you’re at a super-spreader event, then buckle up (whether you’re vaccinated or not!).

I did have some crazy fever dreams that I thought I’d share, so here it goes:

Fever Dream #1:

Torey was working on a recycling pick up and it was well into the evening so it was dark. I guess because of COVID, he wasn’t picking up the usual recyclables and had a bunch of antiques in the bed of the truck. I was there to help and noticed neither of the license plates were on the truck – both of the front and the back were missing!

I mentioned this to Torey and he just shrugged it off and kept loading the truck. I found myself desperately looking for the plates because I didn’t want him to get into trouble. He kept telling me not to worry about it and I got annoyed and explained my worry.

“I don’t need them for where I’m going, ‘Nita…”


The end.

Fever Dream #2:

There was a militia of Trumper parents who were patrolling a neighborhood at night in the attempt of shooting any minority teenagers every night. They weren’t highly organized and I quickly learned about another group of parents who were on a mission to protect the teens.

Yup, I joined the band of self-armed minority parents, which happened to include many white people, too, so that was pretty cool.

Guns were fired, we used camouflage blankets to hide, used hand signals to warn others – a true movie scene!

The end.

Fever Dream #3:

Das was getting ready to go to school one morning and my parents were with us. We were at the dining table and they said that I needed to go to school with him and I asked why.

“Anu, you should know why by now!” my Mom exclaimed.

“I have no clue what you’re talking about, Momma.”

“Well you’ve been missing your first period and we don’t think you’ll graduate – have you checked your grades lately!?”

“Wait, what?” I asked and looked at Das as he shrugged.

“No, you need to go and make sure you talk to your counselor…”

The whole time they were talking to me I was wondering if anything they were saying was real! It felt so real and then I thought, “OMG! I gotta get ready! I’m already late for first period!”

The end.

I woke up in a daze and well – fever dreams are pretty trippy! These were just a few I remember – I had more while I was breaking my fever. Madness!


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