It’s been a minute, right? Sorry – I haven’t been doing a good job in documenting my moments as a damn widow. My bad. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed, but I won’t get into those details. I would, however, like to get into a certain aspect of the grief process and that is [insert drumroll in your mind while you’re reading this]: dealing with entertainment.

I may have stated this already – whether here on the blog or social media, but there’s certain types of music / shows / movies / etc. that I’m still not able to go near to enjoy like I used to with T-Mitch. In fact, my whole existence with him is starting to feel like it was a lifetime ago – almost like a fairy tale. That can’t be right. I don’t like that feeling at ALL. Honestly, it’s a hard f***ing pill to swallow.

I remember watching or listening to something with him and having discussions about our interpretations that would last for DAYS! DAYS that went on to weeks – we’d have light bulb moments and reach out to one another on a random and share and each of us would know EXACTLY what we were referring to. I miss that shit!

There are some shows / movies / music I haven’t gone back to since he passed away OR I have been able to tolerate very little of. It would take forever plus more to even share a list! (Trust me I tried to put one together).

I’m not a fan of this reality, but Das and I are makin’ it.

This was taken on my 35th birthday celebration at Fujiyama
His Paula Deen impression! LOL!


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