Nita’s Statue of Liberty

Around 10 years ago, Torey, Das and I went on a spring break trip to San Antonio. Torey’s Uncle and his family who live in San Antonio invited us to hang out and celebrate his Uncle’s 45th birthday. This trip was so EPIC!

Facebook reminded me of this moment a few days ago and the pictures were amazing – not trying to share here, but what I will share is one of Torey’s favorite moments he liked to verbally share / story tell when we hung around with our folks:

It’s called the “Nita’s Statue of Liberty”:

We were at his Uncle’s house one evening with super close friends and Das – access to an incredible hilltop view along with a pool and a heart shaped jacuzzi.

Adult beverages were already consumed, and it took us a bit to figure out the jacuzzi and once we got it going, we all hopped in. Not sure if you understand the role of the warm water when you’re already intoxicated: it speeds up the drunkenness incredibly quickly!

At some point I found myself alone in the jacuzzi while everyone else decided to go get refills (T-Mitch was the bartender and was about to get me a refill, too). The music was bumpin’ and I realized I needed a break from the warm water so I attempted to take a step out, lost my balance, and ended up falling into the deeper part of the jacuzzi – this meant losing my glasses and my head in the water.

Guess what part of this story LOVED telling the most!? This:

The whole time this was happening, I saved my drink – I held it up high so it wouldn’t spill into the water while my body was completely under water: hence the Nita’s Statue of Liberty.

SMH! This was a story he loved to tell anyone who hadn’t heard it before accompanied with a roar of laughter!

Yes, I saved my drink. Yes, I was under water until I recovered my glasses. Yes, I stumbled out of there.

Torey made sure I made it to bed all safe and sound and loved to tease me about it starting from the next morning and onwards! (Das still carries this tradition and I can’t blame him!).

Life isn’t the same and I have to stop dwelling on this – grief is a rough journey. Some days are better than the others, but they’re never great. They’re never truly happy or satisfying. All I look forward to now is Das’ life and his own journey – I truly hope he gets to witness the bliss of true love like Torey and I did!

This was taken at Sea World in San Antonio on 3.18.2012 – we all left here with the feeling of NOT liking zoo environments. It’s not fair for any animal to be held captive in an environment that’s not natural unless they’re pets who are loved and cared for. We never went back – but truly a very memorable trip!


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