Dream, dream, dream, dreeeeeeams

I’ve been having some weird dreams lately. Here are a few:

1) I was showing my 10-year-old Das how to read an over-the-counter pregnancy test while Torey (late husband) was laughing his ass off!

2) I was at a party with people from the 1800s in a haunted mansion and I got possessed by a ghost – literally woke myself up by shouting “NO!”

3) I walked into my neighborhood bar, Chop Shop, to find Janet Jackson and her crew setting up for an unannounced concert – hell yes! Next thing I know I had front row seats, but as the concert progressed the venue changed to the AT & T stadium in Arlington. Not only did I lose my front row privilege, but I ended up in the stands next to a guy that was too handsy. I kept telling him to stop touching me and I had to get physical. I decided to give him an upper cut to the jaw and ended up waking myself up because I ended up punching myself in the mouth.

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