My Two-Cents on Halftime Shows

Being a serious NFL fan, like many, T-Mitch appreciated the halftime shows! I was lucky enough to watch almost each one with him since I turned 19 (I can’t remember times we didn’t watch Super Bowls together, and that may be another conversation!)! I seriously wish he was around for last year’s with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Mary J. Blige, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and 50 Cent! What a magical moment (and it won an EMMY!)!!!

I can honestly say … the halftime show that hit the hardest to T-Mitch was Prince’s show in 2007: Super Bowl XLI! We were at my Uncle’s house in Plano and most of the people exited the living room to go outside for whatever reason and we were there together with my Mom to watch Prince do his thing. We had our favorites before and after (this link kinda sums it up)

I have to admit … the rain during the performance of Purple Rain literally made BOTH of us shed a tear or two – it was fucking POETIC! I mean COME ON!

A LOT is being said about Rihanna’s performance and I’ve seen a TON of negativity! I’m appalled with the negativity! Seriously!? How can you talk shit about a young woman who has accomplished not just the music game, but the fashion and beauty game!? AND she is a new MOTHER – pregnant and twerking and doing ALL of the things! Why are people hating!? She had to go through revisions of the list of songs 39 different times! Whyyyyy are people complaining!? She has had an amazing career in the music industry with so many different accolades.

Stop the hate. T-Mitch probably LOVES this performance like last year’s!

There are more things to be concerned about right now:


Devastating Earthquake

and SO MUCH more!

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