… just gettin’ my thoughts together. Missing T-Mitch from the very depth of my existence and need a space to express myself. He always encouraged me to write more – something he thought I was pretty decent at. I miss his smile (of course his laugh!), the twinkle in his beautiful almond shaped eyes and the way his light shined.

He had so many nicknames for me … and, yes, he called me Belligerent (well because I was when we got into it … not to mention he was, too, but that was just part of our territory! Keep in mind we were never on an “on again and off again” relationships during our 24+ years!) – and the “gus” part is an inverse of the first 3 letters of my middle name: Sugandhini (which means Graceful Fragrance in Telugu, a South Indian language).

Other nicknames:

  • ‘Nita
  • BubblesBabbs
  • Babbs
  • Neena
  • NeNe
  • NuNu
  • Wonder Woman
  • Crazy South Indian Biiaaaatch (so proud of this one by the way)
    (many more!)

Das and I miss him so incredibly much … if you took the time to read this, then we know you do, too.

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