Dream, dream, dream, dreeeeeeams

I’ve been having some weird dreams lately. Here are a few: 1) I was showing my 10-year-old Das how to read an over-the-counter pregnancy test while Torey (late husband) was laughing his ass off! 2) I was at a party with people from the 1800s in a haunted mansion and I got possessed by a... Continue Reading →

Merry COVID Holidays!

I hope your Holidays have been better than ours! Das started feeling sick on 12.22.2021 and ran a fever on 12.23 - he got tested for COVID on 12.24 and was confirmed positive on 12.25. Yup, our lovely Christmas gift! Thankfully, his symptoms weren't too bad - I ended up feeling bad on 12.24 and... Continue Reading →

Phone Call With T-Mitch

I've been meaning to post this, but haven't had the chance to sit down and write. For reference, just know that I had a full day of work with my co-workers in a setting where we were all together in one room for a work retreat. After the retreat we had our office Holiday Party... Continue Reading →

Ballroom Dancing!?

Last night was yet another restless one... plenty of tossing and turning, waking up at least once every other hour... my mind just wouldn't SHUT UP! I woke up so many times expecting to see a form of Torey - this may sound ridiculous, but it's a thing. I can just feel him sometimes -... Continue Reading →


I woke up in my dream to Torey getting ready in the morning ... he looked great! Clean bald head, face freshly shaven, wearing a white T-shirt and some navy blue athletic shorts. He was getting his black suit ready and laying his clothes out on the bed. "Hey, 'Nita!" I smiled from ear to... Continue Reading →

‘Dem Dreams Tho

So some of us rely on dreams or other "encounters" to be able to relate to what's going on. I have pretty vivid dreams sometimes and I had the following dreams within the past couple of days... Chillin' Torey and I were chillin' in the living room, watching TV. We were on the couch together,... Continue Reading →

T-Mitch Dreamin’

Yes, I still see T-Mitch in my dreams and that's where he's the most alive for me. I just haven't been sharing every single one here on this platform. I had a really good one last night and I'm positive it was inspired by Das' performance on the field yesterday. I don't get to go... Continue Reading →

Das | Dreams | Detours

24 weeks in … it’s hard to believe we’re in the sixth month since T-Mitch’s tragic loss. Six months … never thought I could go this long without him and it’s hard to accept the notion of having to live like this until my own death. I truly appreciate those of you who have been... Continue Reading →

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