My Two-Cents on Halftime Shows

Being a serious NFL fan, like many, T-Mitch appreciated the halftime shows! I was lucky enough to watch almost each one with him since I turned 19 (I can't remember times we didn't watch Super Bowls together, and that may be another conversation!)! I seriously wish he was around for last year's with Dr. Dre,... Continue Reading →

Trigger Part 1

So I must admit ... I wasn't a big fan of Prince when Torey and I met and I blame that on my upbringing! My fam had deep seeded roots in support for MJ so I was led on a biased based mentality (no knock on my loved ones by the way!). The summer I... Continue Reading →

“Under the Bridge”

Torey and I are children of the 90s and Red Hot Chili Peppers were/are one of our favorite bands. Even though we weren't drug addicts, we really appreciated their "Under the Bridge" song ... we would sing our hearts out together while listening to this tune almost every time! We loved it so much that... Continue Reading →


The phone number had to be put to rest today ... it was one of his last extensions in the communication age... so many people he connected with. I just remember getting to know him over the phone when we first met. So many calling cards I purchased ... LOL! He was going to Morehouse... Continue Reading →

I Know the Show Must Go On

After waiting for what seemed like a year from the Medical Examiner's office, we finally received Torey's cause of death this past Monday: Cardiovascular Disease in conjunction with Cardiac Hypertrophy Heart disease. I'm sad we didn't know sooner ... I would have done whatever I could to help him live longer. It's not fair. Yes,... Continue Reading →

I Ran Into This Today …

Some of you may be surprised by this but most probably not: Torey loved pop / alternative / rock music as much as he loved his hip-hop tunes. We were on our way back from celebrating Das' birthday on 1.11.15 and Vance Joy's Riptide was on the radio. The dude had fallen in love with... Continue Reading →

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