Flashback from June 2005 (Pics!)

Houston 2005 @ Memorial Park T-Mitch was still on call at work - therefore he still had his work badge around his neck and this ended up being a toy that Das played with on Torey's day off! It was humid, yes, but that's Houston! We were nothing but giggles that day! I can still... Continue Reading →

What’s New??

I love heavy rain when I'm home ... Torey and I had some incredible moments during times like this! But ... that's not why I'm writing right now. I just updated the blog site - kinda have an itch to help anyone who needs website needs. I'm currently helping a friend with her blog site... Continue Reading →

Das’ Senior Year Milestones

You’re right … it’s been a while since I posted anything. I’ve been kind of dreading this process to document the following milestones: My son’s senior year of high school: Spring season of baseball Senior celebration day Baseball Banquet Prom Graduation Yes, tears were shed before and during and even afterwards of all these moments.... Continue Reading →

Nita’s Statue of Liberty

Around 10 years ago, Torey, Das and I went on a spring break trip to San Antonio. Torey’s Uncle and his family who live in San Antonio invited us to hang out and celebrate his Uncle’s 45th birthday. This trip was so EPIC! Facebook reminded me of this moment a few days ago and the... Continue Reading →


It’s been a minute, right? Sorry – I haven’t been doing a good job in documenting my moments as a damn widow. My bad. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed, but I won’t get into those details. I would, however, like to get into a certain aspect of the grief process and that is [insert drumroll... Continue Reading →

Merry COVID Holidays!

I hope your Holidays have been better than ours! Das started feeling sick on 12.22.2021 and ran a fever on 12.23 - he got tested for COVID on 12.24 and was confirmed positive on 12.25. Yup, our lovely Christmas gift! Thankfully, his symptoms weren't too bad - I ended up feeling bad on 12.24 and... Continue Reading →


Just wanted to share the moment with you ... so many loved ones who have passed away are in this footage as well. This was a happy day for us all and always makes me smile! My Prem Chinanna (uncle) played an electric guitar of an Indian medley as I walked down the isle ...... Continue Reading →

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