#46’s Inauguration

I don’t even know where to start! I re-wrote the beginning of this post at least six times already… all I can say is, “Good riddance #45!” My goodness – the past four years have been the darkest in so many ways… I kept looking back on 45’s inauguration and how surreal it seemed. It... Continue Reading →

The Innkeeper

One of my fondest childhood memories was when I was in 3rd grade/class in India – at Stanley Girls High School. Don’t let the “high school” part of the name of the place throw you off … I can’t really explain so I included a wiki link! My parents had decided to take my brother... Continue Reading →

Not Ready

Note: This post is NOT meant to upset anyone or hurt anyone's feelings. It's just a log to keep track of my grief journey ... I posted this in one of my grief groups: No one wants to really hear about your struggle with grief unless they've been through something similar as you... and even... Continue Reading →

Around This Time Last Year

While making spaghetti for dinner tonight I realized how long I had kept Torey's last dinner he had cooked - which was spaghetti as well. Das and I didn't eat it ... we simply left it in the refrigerator for quite some time. Finally, one day I realized the meal was still in there -... Continue Reading →

The Safe by Torey Mitchell

It’s been an agonizing year … I still have a hard time accepting losing T-Mitch. A whole year has passed. It’s just hard to believe sometimes and yet here we are in a life without Torey and with COVID. Talk about insanity! I’ve had the chance to go through our belongings these past few weeks... Continue Reading →

Desi Wings!

I got to hang out with Torey in my dream last night. He was in good spirits and made us (Das and I) laugh. He got hungry and before I knew it he was devouring some chicken wings! Of course, wings, right!? They looked like the desi wings I make which were his favorite kind…... Continue Reading →

It’s Been a While …

Well … the one-year mark is approaching, and it’s been heartbreaking to even acknowledge this. It’s still so hard to believe Torey’s gone sometimes. I’ve been clearing out a storage unit he used for his recycling pickups. We eventually ended up in using it as our own storage unit and man this was an undertaking... Continue Reading →

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