Ballroom Dancing!?

Last night was yet another restless one... plenty of tossing and turning, waking up at least once every other hour... my mind just wouldn't SHUT UP! I woke up so many times expecting to see a form of Torey - this may sound ridiculous, but it's a thing. I can just feel him sometimes -... Continue Reading →


Just wanted to share the moment with you ... so many loved ones who have passed away are in this footage as well. This was a happy day for us all and always makes me smile! My Prem Chinanna (uncle) played an electric guitar of an Indian medley as I walked down the isle ...... Continue Reading →


I woke up in my dream to Torey getting ready in the morning ... he looked great! Clean bald head, face freshly shaven, wearing a white T-shirt and some navy blue athletic shorts. He was getting his black suit ready and laying his clothes out on the bed. "Hey, 'Nita!" I smiled from ear to... Continue Reading →

Dear Torey…

You've been gone 18 months. It feels like a lifetime. Das and I are doing our best ... but the road is still marked with moon sized craters, twists and turns. It's hard to fight back the random tears and sobs. All we have are precious memories - even the bad moments are precious because... Continue Reading →

9 Minutes and 29 Seconds

Today the jury reached its verdict to determine Derek Chauvin's fate. The man who let his whole body weight land through his knee on George Floyd's neck - on Floyd's precious life. Das didn't have practice this evening - he had to stay a little past the time of school being out so I needed... Continue Reading →

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