9 Minutes and 29 Seconds

Today the jury reached its verdict to determine Derek Chauvin's fate. The man who let his whole body weight land through his knee on George Floyd's neck - on Floyd's precious life. Das didn't have practice this evening - he had to stay a little past the time of school being out so I needed... Continue Reading →

Das’ Essay: “Validity of Modern Rap”

Das shared an essay he wrote for an assignment in his English class. I'm incredibly proud of him! As with everything in this world, emerging Music is one thing that is constantly evolving with new sounds and ideas coming to the forefront fairly often. These evolutions aren’t always openly welcome despite the frequency. The genre... Continue Reading →

Trigger Part 1

So I must admit ... I wasn't a big fan of Prince when Torey and I met and I blame that on my upbringing! My fam had deep seeded roots in support for MJ so I was led on a biased based mentality (no knock on my loved ones by the way!). The summer I... Continue Reading →


I just started watching CNN's Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy and it's been great! I'm two episodes in. Watching it made me realize how heart broken I was of learning about Anthony Bourdain's death. Torey was there that morning as we were getting ready for work. I was sitting on our bed and scrolling through... Continue Reading →

“Missing Who I Once Was”

Recently I posted how much I miss Torey and added something about missing who I once was. A friend, Suzanne, reached out to me and asked what I meant by that. I'm glad she asked me this because it made me put my thoughts into words: As far as “missing who I once was” –... Continue Reading →

Plenty of Sharks in the Sea, Too

The past year and a half has been a damn eye-opener in reference to SO many people! I cannot believe some of the interactions I’ve had – many have been embarrassing. I’m not sure if this is “human nature” but wow … I’m just going to say that some folks belong in a “selfish boat”... Continue Reading →

#46’s Inauguration

I don’t even know where to start! I re-wrote the beginning of this post at least six times already… all I can say is, “Good riddance #45!” My goodness – the past four years have been the darkest in so many ways… I kept looking back on 45’s inauguration and how surreal it seemed. It... Continue Reading →

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