Plenty of Sharks in the Sea, Too

The past year and a half has been a damn eye-opener in reference to SO many people! I cannot believe some of the interactions I’ve had – many have been embarrassing. I’m not sure if this is “human nature” but wow … I’m just going to say that some folks belong in a “selfish boat” / aka: “shark boat”.

The people I speak of have been Torey’s “friends” for a very long time. Where am I going with this, you ask? Well let’s just say some have taken the liberty to advance their “offers” of “taking care of me” or sharing their “attraction” to me in several different ways.

I’m not proud of this – in fact, the ones that have – on a surface level = whatever.

The ones who have used T-Mitch as a REASON for their advances = downright disrespectful and offensive. Period. No one knew him like I did. He wouldn’t have recommended anyone he knew as a potential suitor. Never.

Sure, we’d talk about what we would do if we ever split up, and he would always encourage me to find my own path regardless of what aspect of life we referred to – this includes another person to fall in love with. I still don’t think this is truly possible for me, but whatever. I’m just really tired of the shark boat and I’m officially done with it all.

The only one on the planet I will allow to speak for T-Mitch is my son, Das. Das is one of his best friends and confidants. In fact, he prepared Das for his own demise better than he prepared me … maybe because he knew how stubborn I was to ever accept this reality. I always reassured him that I would be the first one to go… Torey beat me to the punch. Dammit!!!!

If you’re a shark reading this: I forgive you, but we need space. A ton of it. Like maybe a lifetime. Take care and be well.  


#missyouTMitch (seriously!)

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