The Dreamer

I had a pretty vivid dream a few nights ago. Torey and I were in a house and we had company over. He was pouring our favorite tequila shots and he pulled me aside to show me something he bought.

I don’t know if you know this about him, but he always picked my perfume (mainly because my sense of smell sucks!). He’d switch them out every once in a while, but he wore the same cologne for damn near 20 years: The Dreamer by Versace.

It was discontinued a while ago, but he knew hole in the wall stores who still sold the cologne and they’d only sell them in the Sample sizes. He didn’t care and I didn’t either because it smelled so damn good on him!

Torey The Dreamer

In my dream he handed me my familiar fragrance and I thanked him. Torey seemed a little hesitant to show me his bottle – he switched his cologne out. The package it came in was a long cylindrical tube – about the size of a wine bottle. It was black with red text and he opened the top of it and showed me his new cologne bottle.

“I decided to switch it up, ‘Nita,” he said as he saw the confusion on my face.

“Torey, I don’t get it. Why? You like The Dreamer SO much!! And this bottle is too tiny for the package it came in – this company seems so wasteful with this huge box as the package!”

“I know – the box is too big. That’s what SHE SAID!!!” he roared into his infectious laguhterNo, but smell it. I think you’ll like it on me,” he remarked as he twisted the cap off of the dark brown bottle. Torey held the cap under my nose for me to smell.

I couldn’t smell anything – which isn’t a shocker because I kinda lost my sense of smell when I was younger (thanks to the trauma of formaldehyde in biology class in high school – at least that’s what I believe!).

“Torey, I can’t smell anything…”

He insisted that he could, but I just couldn’t and I kept asking why he decided to switch his cologne out. For me it was like he was swapping out Tito’s for another kind of vodka – it just wasn’t going to happen (at least not right now).

I’m always going to keep a bottle of his cologne around. It’s not going anywhere and I’ll keep buying it when I run out for as long as I can.

Sorry, T-Mitch – I can’t help it!

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