“Neena” by T-Mitch

I found a poem Torey had written about me (I believe he wrote this in 2002):

Love as intense as a brown mahogany sweet
The warmth of your soul makes mine complete

A smell as fragrant as the graceful wind
A taste that controls the power of man

Aesthetics equipped to win hearts over
Her eyes are as bright as a champagne supernova

Her skin is as warm as the Telugu moon
Her hips are equipped to sustain a monsoon

If you have her there, no one else is needed
Blessed be my beautiful, beautiful Neena

Neena by T-Mitch

He made me feel so loved, adored, appreciated and beautiful. Being quarantined has given me too much time to think about things like this. I feel like I’m regressing whatever tiny bit of progress I’ve made dealing with grief.

It’s hard not to think about what Torey would say about our current COVID-19 situation. He wouldn’t have liked being quarantined at all and would have insisted to be the one to run errands. We would have cooked a lot more than we already were and probably drink a lot more, too. Torey would have bitched about politics and would have spent a lot more time on the phone talking to many of you who are reading this. He would have made us all laugh and would have come up with new ideas – whether creative or business related.

I can hear him reading this poem to me every time I read it. More to come …

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