Yeah, being quarantined makes me wonder how T-Mitch would have handled our day-to-day all of the time… especially today. If you knew him – like truly knew him, then you know what I’m talking about. For those of you who didn’t – I’m not going to apologize: there was a reason why you didn’t know! (sorry, not sorry)

I woke up today knowing exactly what day it was. I woke up two hours before my alarm went off – been doing that a lot actually. I still sleep with his favorite shirt and for the first time I noticed one of the sleeves was wrapped around my left arm. This had never happened before and I’ve been sleeping with it literally since the day of.

It made me smile. It made me cry. It made me feel him around me yet again and I felt comforted yet deeply sorrowful. It made me think about what he’d say and do in that particular moment. It would have been … amazing.

I imagine he would have gotten up, done his usual morning hygiene things like shower, brush his teeth, put on a fresh pair of clothes (his Dallas Cowboys T-shirt and some athletic shorts most likely) and then he would have made some bacon and eggs served with some fresh fruit. He would have turned the TV on around 8 or 9 in the morning and put CNN on as usual. He would have gone to our patio and fulfilled his 420 shenanigans – but then again this probably wouldn’t have been any different from any other quarantined day! LOL! This honestly would have been his routine.

I think the way he would have made this one a little different is he would have called and talked to his fellow 420 loved ones. I say “420 loved ones” because that’s how we see you.

He would have wanted to watch something new – a good CGI movie or something.

He would have wanted to listen to music he liked and music he’s never heard before.

He would have been T-Mitch at his best because that was his usual thing to do.

He kept us HAPPY. He kept us GROUNDED. He kept us REAL. He kept us PROTECTED. He kept us LOVED. He kept us TAKEN CARE OF. He kept us … he JUST KEPT US.

One of Das’ teammates lost his father last week and the funeral is tomorrow. Although most people are not allowed to attend due to the current COVID-19 situation, the team is being asked greet the family from afar. I am going to make sure we’re there because the team and school has been beyond supportive. They’re amazing and have helped us so much!

I can feel Torey smiling down on us right now. We miss him, but I’d like to think he’s okay… hoping at some point we’ll be somewhat close to okay, too.

T-Mitch 420

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